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November 2013 News Letter 


Church logoChurch logoChurch logoText Box: First Congregational Church
141 North Street
 Kennebunkport, Maine 04046
  Church (207) 967-3897
 Pastor – Rev. Derek L. White 
Text Box: NEWSLETTER:  October, 2009
Text Box: First Congregational Church
141 North Street
 Kennebunkport, Maine 04046
  Church (207) 967-3897
 Pastor – Rev. Derek L. White 
Text Box: NEWSLETTER:  October, 2009
Text Box: First Congregational Church
141 North Street
 Kennebunkport, Maine 04046
  Church (207) 967-3897
 Pastor – Rev. Derek L. White 
Text Box: NEWSLETTER:  October, 2009


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Reflections from the Reverend.

This article is not available this month due to Reverend Derek White being away for military training until November 6 2013.


  Confirmation Class

Confirmation is the opportunity for students to explore what they believe and make their own confession of faith.  The class is open to those in 6th grade and above.  Confirmation is a yearlong process.  The class will be twice a month on a week night.  The night will be determined based on what works best for students.  While the Pastor is away we are holding the classes after church on Sunday mornings. Attendance is required to complete confirmation, parents and students will receive a syllabus.    We are using the text book “My Confirmation”.  There will also be field trips to the Synagogue, Mosque, Catholic Mass, and Bibbers Funeral Home.  At the end there will be a confirmation retreat for students to write faith statements.  Parents and adults from the church are encouraged to participate.  Confirmation is a big deal and we hope all in the church will celebrate confirmation with our students.  The following is the continued schedule with assignments:


Rev. Jim Anderson will teach the class on November 3rd  “About Jesus” students should read pages

35-49 in their “My Confirmation Book”.

Pastor Derek will teach the class on November 17th “About the Holy Spirit” students should read pages 50-52 in their “My Confirmation Book”.


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Outreach Committee

We are working with Judy Barrett, Kennebunkport Town nurse, to adopt two seniors to assist.  Judy has pointed out to us that some of the seniors she visits need help with various routine tasks from changing a light bulb, opening a jar, to putting things away from the winter and clearing their steps off of snow.  If you might be interested in this ministry please let a committee person know.

                                Norma little;  Barbara and Larry Vennell;  Carolyn White;  Cheryl Kane.


Roof Project

We have  completed the roofing over Ober Hall and that makes the Trustees breathe a sigh of relief.  Thanks again to you for the funds and especially for the generous gift to complete the Capital Fund Drive.  Where we go from here is to be talked about at the Trustees meeting on this first Sunday of this month.


Board of Trustees

The trustees,  in consultation with the Music Director,  have decided to remove the baby grande piano from the sanctuary in favor of the better sound of the upright piano presently in Ober Hall. The baby grande is being offered free to anyone willing to move it.  It has been posted on “Craig’s List” and has generated many inquiries, but we want to give our church family first choice.   If someone from our church would want it, we will give our church people first choice.  We apologize for the short notice.  We need to make this change before the December 8th Organ Concert with Nelda Clelland , so the trustees have set a deadline of November 11th for a response from our church people. So if you are interested in taking the baby-grande from our sanctuary, please see a trustee immediately or call Carol at 710-7060.


The “On Demand Gas Water Heater” has gone out for bids and this is the next project to be completed.


Another item of concern are the UCC Conference Dues which are payable by January 1st 2014. We ask our church members to donate $20.00/member to help lighten that cost to the church.  If you wish to do so, please note your check for the conference dues and place it in the Sunday collection plate.


                                                                                                Board of Trustees




Roof Project

We have  completed the roofing over Ober Hall and that makes the Trustees breathe a sigh of relief.  Thanks again to you for the funds and especially for the generous gift to complete the Capital Fund Drive.  Where we go from here is to be talked about at the Trustees meeting on this first Sunday of this month.

Christian Education

Church school attendance seems to be fairly steady with the students attending regular structured lessons each Sunday.  Thanks particularly to Sandy Burne for her unfailing preparation for class each Sunday.  I have conducted a few classes myself and find the students cooperative and seemingly interested in what is being presented to them.  Unfortunately Sandy will be leaving for Florida in late November. Her relationship to the students has been a most important aspect of teaching and she will be missed.  In the meantime I will teach in absence of an available teacher.  If you can see yourself stepping in to teach, that would be a great help in stabilizing the church school program.  Let me know if you can help.


With the church coming into the Advent season, I am looking toward the Christmas Eve Pageant as a major event. My plans this year is to conduct a “Traditional Pageant” on Christmas eve and have our church school children experience a worshipful event which will be memorable to them for years to come.  Joan and I already have interested adult volunteers who will be helping make this a successful venture.  New costumes will be purchased for this worship service.  The recent Halloween Party was a fund raiser as well as a Pot Luck Supper, where we experienced great food, games, and fellowship.  We raised $69 toward the purchase of new costumes and I thank you all for your wonderful response to this evening together.  Other activities will take place to involve our young people in this church family of ours.  I see some of the young ones inviting their friends to participate in their activities.  That is a good sign.


                                                                                                Church School Director,

                                                                                                                Paul Gauthier

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Secretary  Tidbits


My office hours are on Thursdays from 8 AM until 1 PM.  If you need information call me especially during that time period.  At other times please feel free to call me at home 207-490-1154, or e-mail me at



Information about what is going on in the different committees is available through the minutes of those meetings.  I remind you to submit your committee minutes to be placed on file so that our church can have as much “transparency” as possible.  Please feel free to make requests for copies from the secretary.


I have updated the “Needs List” asking that if you can help by donating an item for office work or church use, it would be very helpful to support the Budget with your donations.  I have a listing of needs posted every month and your response is greatly appreciated.  The following are items which could help defray costs:


Ink cartridges for copiers  (HP 901,mostly black).

Toner for the church copier (monetary donations will reduce the item cost)

Inexpensive Copy Paper.    ($2.50 to $3.50/ream is fine for our use.)

Paper note pads (legal sized).

Paper quart containers for food storage.

                               Thank You

                                                                                                       Church Secretary



Something New

The Ladies Society has come up with a new method of ministry to our “shut ins” and those who are in need of prayers as they go into hospitals or rehab.  There is an area set aside in back of the Sanctuary where free cards are set there for your use to send to those whom you know would really appreciate a card from the church. Just leave the card in the outgoing container and we will stamp and mail it for you. Please let the church secretary know of those in need of visitation from the Pastor.


Church Directory 2014 is Progressing

The church secretary is in the process of making a newer church directory so that it includes up-to-date information.  This Directory does not include photos and may not be completed until into the year 2014.  The below form is a reliable source which will make the task easier and have the greatest accuracy. Many of you have filled the form already but there are many more who need to do so.


I know that many of you may find objection to providing some of this information so I ask you to indicate the information with an (X) or leave the area completely blank.  Some of the information is asked so that the church might be aware of birthdays and anniversary dates which are important to you and the church.  The Directory is planned for future church wide use so please keep this in mind.  The indicated sensitive information will be kept by the church secretary for official use only.


In the coming weeks there will be blank forms available in Ober Hall. A basket for completed forms is with the forms.  Please pass the word along so that we can have an accurate, useful, and complete source of information for the use of all who worship at First Church.




  Church Directory Information Form


Name:  ___________________________________________




Telephone:  (     )____________

E-Mail:_______________________Date of Birth:­­________

Anniversary Date: _____________


The information provided by you is for church use.  If you do not want any

of  the items for public use please indicate by making an (X) after the item or

leave it  blank.

                                                Paul Gauthier

                                                Church Secretary

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Halloween Pot Luck Event

A wonderful time of fun and good food was on hand if you attended the pot luck supper held at the church on October 30th.  Costumed adults and kids made the event a fun time. Halloween bingo had plenty of prizes and the “Disciples Horse Race” had a surprised win by the disciples  Judas and James. The games were a fund raiser for CE.  We raised $69 and the money will go toward buying new costumes for the children who will participate in the Pageant this Christmas.  Thanks to all who came.


My Twilight  Years

As I approach my twilight years , I am struck by the inevitability that the party must end.

And one morning after I’m gone, someone will awaken and be struck with the pain of realizing that sometimes there isn’t anymore.

No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat.

Sometimes, what we care about the most goes away, never to return, before we can say good-bye for the last time.

So while we have it, it is important that we love it, care for it, fix it when it is broken and heal it when it’s sick.

This is true for marriage, old cars, children with bad report cards, dogs with bad hips, and aging parents and grandparents.

We keep them because they are worth it……..

Some things we keep – like a best friend who moved away, or a son-in-law after a divorce. There are some things that just make us happy, no matter what.

Life, and the special people we know are important, and so we keep them close!

On that morning you never wake up, do your friends know how you really feel?

The important thing is to let your friends know your true feelings before it is too late.






A Tribute to Abby Clough 

The passing of Abby to be with the Lord is the ending of a life dedicated to “First Church”.  I was reading her obituary and saw that she lived a full life in the community .  Born June 1, 1931; graduated from Kennebunkport High School in 1949; worked as an operator for New England Telephone and retired after 37 years of work for that company. Even after that she worked for Burger King in Kennebunk and the Maytag Laundromat in Lower Village.  We know Abby a little differently, here at “First church” it was here that many of her life’s activities took place.


In review of our church history, it is noted that First Church closed its doors  from 1923 to 1948. Abby became involved with the church in her High School years as “First Church” was re-born with the help of the Philbricks,  the Campbells and others. She became an official member of this church in 1947 (that’s 66 years ago).

This means she was 16 years old at the time of her membership.  She sang in the choir under the directorship of Lorraine Fisher; worked many a “Strawberry Festival’ with the Ladies of the church.  Sunday mornings were most often set up with coffee cups and other necessities for coffee hour after church by her efforts. She was a generous woman and gave what she could for all those extra activities the church always had. She worked hard for our church community.  The big thing was that she added many a name to the church prayer list on Sunday mornings.


In the days and months to come we pray that the void which marks Abby’s absence will be replaced with the warm memories of the life we have shared with her.  Thanks Abby for your love and caring for us and the church.                                                       Paul



Vacancy Positions in the church

Board of Deacons    (3)

Christian Education  (5)

Member at Large   (1)


If you are interested in filling any of these positions please talk with John White, our Moderator,  and he will be glad to talk with you about it.


Ladies Society

Live, Laugh, Love Series continues Saturday, November 16th from 9 till 11:30, with a Pot Luck Breakfast followed by Women of Faith Guest speakers via DVD.

Patsy Clairmont - “The Content of Your Heart”

Marilyn Meberg - “Choose to Believe”

Join us for food, fellowship and spiritual encouragement, you’ll be glad you did.


Prelude will be here before we know it, Saturday December 7th .  The Ladies Society will again host our Lobster Roll Luncheon and Fair.  Along with the luncheon we will have our famous Cookie Walk, a Craft Table, Greens and a few large items to raffle off.    We need help: this month please work on some crafts.  Then as we get closer we will need cookies,  if you have an idea for a raffle item let us know and we will need pies for the luncheon.  Also, if you have any time during the day of prelude to help, we sure would appreciate it.  Prelude is our largest fundraiser for the church, lets join together to make it a successful one.




Upcoming events

November 10th  is Levi White’s 1st Birthday.

Reverend Derek and Carolyn White cordially invite all church members to celebrate little Levi’s First Birthday on Sunday, November 10th at 12 noon in Ober Hall.


Live, Laugh, Love Series November 16th  9 till 11:30 …Pot Luck Breakfast then a program.


Christmas Prelude Church Fair Saturday December 7th 10 AM till 1:30 PM.

Help us provide home-made craft items, cookies, and necessary help for our annual Christmas Prelude tables. Ideas of what we are in need of for our craft table….knitted, crocheted, hand-sewn items such as decorations, mittens, hats, etc., hand-crafted/painted ornaments, decorations, for some examples.

Please know we will also need people to bake cookies for our very-popular-with-the-public “Cookie Walk”.  We usually sell the cookies by the 1 lb. bag full so we’ll need lots of cookies and different kinds, too.  There will also be a raffle table. Please bake your homemade pies which are needed for the “Lobster Roll & Chowder Luncheon”.

Lastly but importantly….we need volunteers to help at the above locations and help will be needed in Ober Hall with our annual “Lobster Roll & Chowder Luncheon”  To find out more about helping with the luncheon please see Cheryl Kane or Ginny Burrows.


Nelda Cleland organ concert Sunday December 8th at 4 PM.

As one of Kennebunkport’s Christmas Prelude activities, First Congregational Church will be hosting  a candlelight concert of Christmas music.  The program features the church’s 1854 Hook organ played by a true classical professional trained on Hook organs, Nelda Clelland. Ms Clelland will play a variety of seasonal music on the organ and piano as well.  Music will include seasonal favorites.  Jim Appleby, a popular and talented musician, whom locals know well, will be a featured vocalist.  Other guest artists will include Rachael Barter, flutist, and Liesel Quigley, soprano.


First Church invites the public to attend this special concert.  A free will donation per person is requested. A portion of the proceeds will go to the church’s fund which assists with local community needs. A reception with refreshments will follow the concert.

A Note from the editor  I hope you found this newsletter to your liking!  If there has been any errors or inaccurate reporting,  please let the secretary know about it and corrections or retractions can be made in the future newsletters. To contact the editor please e-mail your comments to (